Welcome to Paraiso Beach Resort

Paraiso Beach Resort Sariaya Quezon Paraiso... when we hear this magic word, it immediately comes to our mind a wonderful place where there is an endless happiness and comfort.

Paraiso Beach Resort is a perfect name for a place where we can have our complete relaxation or even reminishing the past. In just giving a name for a place like this is very important because it reflects to tha place they have.

The owners or siblings of Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Panganiban started to plan a business since 1982 with the name "Paraiso". Eversince, this beach has its simple and quiet atmosphere or we can say good ambiance, the reason why many people in other town go to this place specially during summer vacation. They have got the idea to improve this beach so from worth P50,000 as their capital at that time, they add their shares to reconstruct and beautifies this lovely place.

Through the years, the business they build results successfully. They can easily encourage customers to go there bacause of the enjoyment or the ambiance it gives. In additional, they serve people or some tourist proper accomodation and good treatment with the help of the staffs. As we can observe now, the success of this business is evident because of the continuous development made by the owners like adding swimming pool for more satisfaction of all customers.

Paraiso Beach Resort Sariaya Quezon Y Shaped Coconut Tree
This coconut tree has one trunk further divided into two trees. Actually these are no two branches. These are actually two trees originated from a single source & looks like Y-shaped tree. Usually coconut tree has one trunk. But in this fort you can see y-shape coconut tree this is ONE OF IT'S KIND. This is one of our main attraction here at PARAISO BEACH RESORT.

Paraiso Beach Resort Sariaya Quezon Century Tree "symbol of strength, loyalty" for more than 100 years
The Century Tree is a thriving live acacia and a resort attraction that represents more than 100 years of growth at Paraiso Beach Resort. It’s long, massive branches and romantic appearance have provided an ideal venue for countless marriage proposals and weddings.